Care of your Bow:

    A wood bow requires a bit of care to keep it in top condition.  If you follow these directions, you should have many years of reliable service from your bow.

1.  Your bow will need to be oiled monthly in dry climates, every 3 months in humid areas.  We recommend a lemon oil for this purpose, though kitchen oils will work as well.  Wipe the bow down with an oily rag, allowing the wood to absorb as much as it will take before wiping off the excess.

2. Never leave your bow strung for extended periods.  A bow that is left strung will develop a permanent set to the limbs and will lose much of its strength.  String your bow, shoot it, then unstring it for storage.

3. When storing your bow, either lay it flat or stand it up vertically in a corner.  A bow left leaning at an angle can develop a warp in the limbs over time.

4. Protect your bow against damage, especially to the back of the bow (the side of the limbs facing away from you when you draw the bow).   Any damage to the limbs could be serious – DO NOT string or fire a damaged bow!   If there is any question about the bow’s condition, contact us and we’ll help determine whether the bow is shootable or needs replacement.

5. Don’t leave your bow in a hot car.  The heat can affect the glues used to build your bow.

6. All wood arrows will have a tendency to warp as the  humidity changes.  You can straighten them by heating the bent spot, then gently flexing the other direction until cool.  Do not heat enough to discolor or char the wood.