Over 10 years ago, Michael Roegner the resident craftsman and owner of the Wylde Hunt decided to get out of the corporate world. Having been a competitive archer, avid woodsman, fisher, outdoors guide, and rendezvous participant, it’s not surprising that he decided to start a business selling things for the traditional hunters and outdoorsman. Already being skilled as a bowyer making bows with his best friend John, was a great beginning. Having been fascinated with flint knapping from a young age he began working on his knapping skills and after tons of broken rocks later he has become an expert in the art. After starting to sell his wares at rendezvous Michael moved to the Renaissance circuit. Adding more events as the business grew. This last season we celebrated our tenth year at the Texas Renaissance Festival, as well as vending at Colorado Renaissance Festival, Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, and Sherwood Forest Fair.